Need To Rent Portable Toilets For Your Construction Site?

At most construction sites, you are not going to have access to toilets, as you are making a new building and most nearby buildings are not going to want to provide your workers with access to their bathrooms. That is why you need to bring in portable toilets to your construction site. You need to make sure that your workers have access to bathrooms. There are a few factors you need to consider before placing your order.

How Many Workers You Have

First, you need to figure out how many workers you will have on-site during the majority of the project. It is a good idea to have at least one toilet for every ten people you have on your jobsite. Although the number of workers can vary from one day to the next, thing about the average number of workers you have on your site.

Length of the Construction Project

Second, you need to think about the length of the construction project. How long will your project be going on? If your project is going to last for months, you are going to want to rent portable toilets on a monthly basis with service calls to come out and clean the toilets and provide the toilets with new supplies. With long-term constructions projects, you need to budget for service calls as well as the monthly rental charges.

Size of the Construction Work Area

Third, you need to consider the size of the construction work area. Are you working on a job that is on a small site, just as a home? Or are building a shopping complex?

If the job site is physically really big, you may want to have the toilets put in multiple locations so that it is easy for your workers to access the toilets. You don't want your workers to have to walk 15 minutes just to access the toilets. You want the workers to be able to walk only a couple of minutes maximum to reach the toilets.

The State of the Construction Site

Fourth, you need to think about the state of the construction site. Is the construction site currently all soft dirt? Are there any hard surfaces? You want to put the portable toilets on a hard surface or gravel. You don't want to place the toilets on soft dirt where they can sink into the ground. You may need to fix the dirt before you can have the toilets placed.

Before you call and order toilets for your construction site, take into consideration the size of the construction site as well as the average number of workers on site in order to determine how many toilets you need to rent. Be sure to let the portable toilet company know the estimated length of your project, and arrange for cleaning and servicing of the toilets.