Professional Cleaning After an Unattended Death

Unfortunately, death is the one experience in life that no one is able to avoid, and it can happen at any place and time. One of the most traumatic experiences for the loved ones of someone who is deceased is to not be present when he or she passes away. For instance, it isn't uncommon for someone who is elderly and lives alone to pass away from natural causes at home while no one is around. In such situations, the elderly person can end up deceased in his or her home for hours or longer before being discovered, which means that decomposition of the body begins as well. If your elderly loved one died in his or her home and you are left with the aftermath of body decomposition, hiring a death cleanup company can be helpful in several ways.

Thorough Cleaning & Sanitation

When it comes to cleaning up after a death has occurred, and a body has been decomposing for hours or days before being found, it has to be done the right way. The reason why is because there are many health risks involved with handling such a cleaning task. For example, if your deceased loved one released a lot of body fluids when their death occurred, it can be risky to handle on your own. A professional cleaning company will use the proper safety gear and cleaning supplies to remove all of the fluids from your loved one's home. After the cleaning has been thoroughly performed, the home will be sanitized to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that may have been left behind.

Removal of Hazardous Materials

Cleaning up the aftermath of a decomposed body isn't as simple as it may seem. Sometimes, no matter how much scrubbing and cleaning is done, certain fluids are unable to be removed from various types of materials. For instance, if the death occurred on a sofa, the porous material can make it impossible to completely remove fluids. Rather than attempting to clean such furniture or similar items, they will be removed from the home and properly discarded.

Proof That Proper Cleaning Was Done

If you intend on renting out or selling your loved one's home after it has been cleaned, there might be a law that makes it mandatory to disclose the information to potential tenants. Whether there is such a law or not will depend on the state you are living in. By hiring a professional death cleanup service, you will have proof that the home was not only cleaned after the death occurred, but it was done in the proper manner.