Are You Struggling with a Toilet Backup? 4 Ways to Avoid The Problem

It is hardly possible for you to go a day without using the toilet. Yet, this is the only room most people never give a second thought. Like any other part of your house, toilets are prone to various issues. Though some problems are easy to fix, others are complex and require professional services. One such issue is a toilet backup. Are you wondering what causes toilet backup? Here are four issues that cause toilet backup.

1. Overloading It with Toilet Paper

Quality toilet papers should be soft and easy to flush down the drain with water. Despite this, you need to be cautious about throwing too much paper. While there is nothing wrong with flushing it, too much toilet paper might cause clogging. As a result, your toilet may start backing up.

2. Cracks in the Sewer Line

Most homeowners hardly think about the sewer system unless there is a problem. But the pipes in the sewage system need a regular check-up to ensure that they are in the best working condition. Remember that though the materials used to make the sewage pipes are sturdy, they wear out over time. Cracks may hold waste materials and cause blockage. So inspecting the sewer line will help you know when you need backup repairs.

3. Pouring Fatty Substances Down the Drain

You might have oil, grease, or fatty substances that you want to dispose of after use. While the toilet might seem like the best place to turn to, pouring oily substances down the drain might clog the pipes. Most people also assume that running hot water down the drain will eliminate a clog caused by solidified fats, but that's not true. Therefore, if you pour fats down the drain, there is a high chance of toilet backup.

4. Hair and Soap Scum Down the Drain

It is important to wash your hair to ensure it grows healthy. But when cleaning your hair in the sink or the shower, ensure you have a drainage strainer. That way, even if the strands break or get damaged, you will not have to worry about it going down the drain. Remember that some hair cleaning products can also clog your system.  When this happens, your toilet will likely back up.

Toilet backup is unsafe and may contain viruses and bacteria. So, though you might get tempted to clean it off, it is best to allow the professionals to handle it and fix the toilet. Toilet backup repair service will know the best way to handle the messy situation and leave your house clean. 

If you have questions or are struggling with a toilet backup, contact a company such as Rob's Septic Tanks Inc.