A Hydroxyl Odor Remediation Machine Using UV Light Keeps Your Home Smelling Fresh

If you smoke in your home or have a lot of pets, your home may never smell as clean and fresh as you like. Air fresheners only cover up odors, so they're not all that useful, and their strong fragrance may even bother you. A solution to consider is buying an odor remediation machine. 

These machines are used to destroy odors in commercial buildings and medical facilities, but the small ones can be used in homes. You could choose an ozone generator, hydroxyl generator, or fogging machine. Here's why a hydroxyl generator is a good choice and how it works. 

Why You May Prefer A Hydroxyl Generator

Odor remediation machines work by breaking up and eliminating odors rather than covering them up. However, the machines work in different ways. Foggers can release hot or cold fog that sends odor-neutralizing cleaners into cracks so the fog gets behind walls and fills the air. While these machines are not too expensive, they can only be used when your home is not occupied. Plus, you may worry about chemical residue left behind.

A hydroxyl generator doesn't use any chemicals at all, and it can even be used when your pets and family are in the home. An ozone generator doesn't use chemicals either, but it is dangerous to use around people, so your family has to leave when the generator is turned on. Since a hydroxyl odor remediation machine can be used more conveniently, you may find it to be the best choice for keeping odors under control in your home.

How A Hydroxyl Odor Remediation Machine Works

This odor remediation machine removes all kinds of odors by neutralizing them. The machine eliminates mold odors, smoke from a fire, cigarette smoke, pet odors, and dead animal smells. It mimics a technique used by nature that occurs outdoors naturally due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

The machine utilizes UV lights to create hydroxyl molecules that spread through your home to destroy odors. It does this by drawing room air into the machine where it is exposed to UV light. The air that leaves the machine is then able to attract chemicals and compounds in the air that create odors, such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and volatile organic compounds.

This process causes the molecules to break up and fall apart so the odor is destroyed. It could take a few days for the machine to eliminate a tough odor, but once the odor is gone, it shouldn't keep coming back as can happen with chemical cleaners. While it's safe to run a hydroxyl generator continuously, you may not want a machine sitting out in the open all of the time.

If you want to eliminate odors for a special event, then it's a good idea to set the machine up several days in advance so the hydroxyls have plenty of time to treat every room in your home.