A Portable Toilet Rental Sanitation Plan

A portable toilet that isn't sanitized regularly can become a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Use the suggestions below to maintain the toilet rentals that you plan on setting up at your public venue.

Rental Items

Rental toilets include freestanding units, standard restroom trailers, and luxury restroom trailers. The size of your venue and the number of people who you anticipate visiting the premises will guide you in choosing rental products that are equipped to serve your clients.

Your rental provider will furnish a contract that will outline the sanitation services that will be included during the lease period. Your rental toilets will be clean and ready for use once they are dropped off and set up on your property.

Waste Disposal

A waste tank is used to store wastewater and solids that are flushed. Responsible waste disposal processes include having each tank emptied at scheduled times. The waste disposal technician who cleans out each tank will transport the waste to a treatment plant.

When you rent portable toilets, the owner of the equipment will indicate how often you should have the tanks emptied. You can schedule each waste disposal service in advance.


The rental business will supply toilets that have been sanitized. A liquid or powder sanitizing agent will block germs and foul odors. Although the toilets may be clean when they arrive at the venue where they will be set up, it will be your responsibility to keep the rental units well-maintained during the time that they will be in your possession.

Schedule an appointment to have the toilets professionally cleaned, or handle the cleaning steps yourself. Liquid disinfectant products should be used to wipe down stall doors, toilet bowls, and other surfaces that the public comes in contact with when they use the rental facilities.

Pest Prevention

Landscaping around the portable rentals will ward off insect infestations. Using a pesticide product will also limit the number of insects that may infest the interior part of each rental unit. Complete pest prevention steps during the occasions when you will be conducting standard toilet sanitation processes.

Germ And Injury Prevention

Mopping the inside of each toilet stall will minimize germs. Adding slip-proof carpets across the flooring within each rental unit will prevent injuries.

At the end of each business day, mop and dry the flooring. 

Reach out to a portable toilet rental company near you to learn more.