Keeping Your Septic System In Good Working Order

If you just moved into a home of your own, chances are you will want to take the appropriate steps in keeping all aspects of it maintained to avoid potential damage or premature wear. The septic system is one part of the home's mechanisms that you will utilize on a daily basis, making it extremely important to care for it properly. Here are some steps you can use in your home to avoid mishaps with your septic system, keeping it in the best possible running condition as a result.

Get A Full Evaluation Done Of The Septic System's Components

When you move into your new home, it is best to have the septic system pumped out and evaluated for any damaged portions including the tank, pump, and piping system. Pumping the tank will remove all waste from previous owners, allowing you to monitor your own septic usage in the future.

Ask the septic service to give you an estimate in pumping frequency. This will vary depending on the number of inhabitants, the water usage habits, and the size of the tank. The service will look at the construction of the tank for any potential trouble areas and will repair them if necessary. This evaluation will be done each time you have the tank pumped.

Take Time To Conserve Water To Minimize Wear And Tear On The System

Whenever you use water in your home, it contributes to the amount of work the septic system will need to do to push the contents to the leach field area on your property. Taking time to conserve water will reduce the septic pump usage, helping it to last longer. The tank itself will not need to be pumped as often as well. Make it a priority to turn off faucets when brushing teeth or in between washing dishes. Fix leaky plumbing in your home promptly to eliminate water waste. 

Avoid Using Drains To Remove Non-biodegradable Substances From Your Home

Do not flush any type of non-biodegradable material down a toilet or sink drain as this can cause problems to your septic system's performance. The item may clog the drainage piping system leading to unfortunate bursting in your yard. Putting any type of chemical agent down a drain also causes the matter in your septic to become compromised. The consistency is likely to become altered, making it more difficult to be pumped effectively away from the tank.

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