Preparing Your Restaurant's Dumpster For Outdoor Dining

As warm weather approaches, you may be getting your outdoor dining area ready for customers. In addition to preparing for more customers, you'll want to consider ways to maintain your dumpsters throughout the season to accommodate your business. Here are a few things to consider to keep your dumpsters ready for business.

Rent An Extra Dumpster

With more customers comes more food waste and garbage, so you may want to consider renting an extra dumpster for your restaurant. This dumpster can be smaller than the one you already have if you expect a modest increase in customers, or you might want a larger one if you anticipate a big increase in sales. Your dumpster rental company can help you to determine how much extra dumpster space you need.

Control Odors

Even with regular trash service, your dumpsters can create an unpleasant smell in the warm weather. Fortunately, there are commercial-grade deodorizers you can purchase to help keep odors to a minimum. The deodorizers can come in powders or blocks, and they provide a way to neutralize strong smells. You can also relocate the dumpsters to another area of your parking lot further away from your outdoor dining area.

Conceal The Dumpsters

To create a beautiful look for your restaurant, you may want to keep your dumpsters out of sight. You can accomplish this by adding a fence around the dumpster area. A wood fence with a locking gate can provide the concealment you need to keep your parking lot and restaurant property looking great. Be sure to make the fence large enough to accommodate your dumpster, recycling bins, and grease containers, and allow enough clearance for your dumpster rental company to remove trash easily.

Add Extra Waste Bins

To control litter around the restaurant property, consider adding outdoor waste bins near the entrance and exit to your outdoor dining areas. This gives customers and wait staff a way to throw away trash, such as napkins and straw wrappers, so they don't get blown away by summer breezes. You'll want to make sure that your staff empties the waste bins at the end of each day to prevent trash from piling up and to prevent unpleasant odors.

Talk to your dumpster rental company or visit a site like about your outdoor seating area and the number of extra customers you expect to serve every day. Together, you can create a plan to handle the extra waste while keeping your restaurant and the surrounding property looking great throughout the outdoor dining season.