Luxury Portable Toilets: An FAQ For Curious Customers

When you think of a portable toilet, what is it that comes to mind? If you are like most average consumers, you will envision a basic blue or green box-like unit that has a small bench inside with a seat on it and not much else. However, portable toilets can be far more alluring and comfortable than just the basic designs. Even though regular portable toilets serve their purpose in all kinds of events and situations, there may come a time when you need portable toilets that are a bit more upscale. If you think this describes you, you are bound to have some questions. Take a look at these common questions about luxury portable toilets and the answers you will want to know as a prospective customer. 

So, what exactly is a luxury portable toilet?

A luxury portable toilet is designed to suit the needs of consumers who need portable facilities set up but feel the average design is not really befitting for the occasion. These luxury portable toilets are usually substantially larger and have further amenities than just the toilet itself. Plus, the facility is usually built upon a trailer axle so it is hauled in and dropped off instead of being unloaded onto the ground. For example, a luxury portable toilet may have things that a traditional portable toilet would not like:

  • a small basin sink for hand washing
  • a vanity mirror or a wall-length mirror on the door or wall
  • inside lighting 
  • climate control

What does the exterior of a luxury portable toilet look like?

Luxury portable toilets come in many different styles and the availability will vary according to what company you rent portable toilets from. However, you can expect the portable toilets of luxury status to be far more attractive and a little less attention grabbing than usual. For example, the portable facility may look like a small mobile home with doors and windows or may have vinyl siding on the outside. 

What are some good examples of when a luxury portable toilet is a good idea?

Luxury portable toilets work well for upscale events and occasions. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, an outdoor corporate event, or even a family gathering. These luxury models also work well for businesses if they are having issues with their own septic system because they can be stationed near the building for customers and employees. 

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