Characteristics to Look at When Choosing a Fire Hood

When looking for the right fire hood, some firefighters assert that they cannot tell the difference between one hood and another. However, other firefighters claim that there is a difference between each type of hood, including the comfort of the hood and how useful it is under extreme conditions.

How Easy It Is To Clean

The type of fire hood you purchase will affect how long it takes for the fire hood to dry. Normex hoods dry more quickly than carbon hoods. However, the carbon hoods will usually not shrink as much after they have been washed. This will lead to a more comfortable fit. This is important because fire hoods need to be cleaned frequently. If you do not keep your fire hood clean, it is more likely to fail to protect you from contaminants that increase the risk of a firefighter getting cancer. Anything that comes in contact with the hood is absorbed into the skin. Therefore, it is important to clean your hood after each use or whenever it becomes dirty. Also, make sure to not use a cleaning agent that contains bleach because this can potentially make the hood less effective.

How Much Heat Protection It Provides

Carbon hoods can feel more comfortable than other types, but you are also more likely to feel more heat. Normex is ideal for extreme conditions. You will not feel as much heat. The carbon is more lightweight though. Protecting against heat is essential because heat-related illnesses can overtake a firefighter quickly. Firefighters can quickly suffer from dehydration and hypothermia. This can affect cognitive performance, which can be concerning when firefighters must perform complex tasks. Those who are suffering from the effects of heat-related illness should stop all activity, move to a cool place and remove all equipment, including the protective hood, until the effects of heat stoke or exhaustion have subsided. If the symptoms of heat stroke last longer than an hour, it is important that the firefighter receive medical attention.

Whether It Is American Or European-Style

One option might be a European-style helmet with a flash hood. These can be put on more quickly. It is also possible to remove the mask without removing the helmet. This allows for the mask to be removed when it is convenient, such as if it has become severely contaminated. But regardless of which hood you choose, it is essential that you care for it and that you.

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