Preparing Your Restaurant's Dumpster For Outdoor Dining

As warm weather approaches, you may be getting your outdoor dining area ready for customers. In addition to preparing for more customers, you'll want to consider ways to maintain your dumpsters throughout the season to accommodate your business. Here are a few things to consider to keep your dumpsters ready for business. Rent An Extra Dumpster With more customers comes more food waste and garbage, so you may want to consider renting an extra dumpster for your restaurant. [Read More]

Keeping Your Septic System In Good Working Order

If you just moved into a home of your own, chances are you will want to take the appropriate steps in keeping all aspects of it maintained to avoid potential damage or premature wear. The septic system is one part of the home's mechanisms that you will utilize on a daily basis, making it extremely important to care for it properly. Here are some steps you can use in your home to avoid mishaps with your septic system, keeping it in the best possible running condition as a result. [Read More]

Hard Water? What Softening Method Should You Use?

If you've noticed a white film on your dishes (even after using a rinse agent) or your skin feels rough or taut after a shower, you may have hard water. Created when an aquifer flows through mineral-rich rocks before reaching your pipes, hard water can prematurely age your appliances, your hot water heater—and even your face. Of the many options available for softening your water, which should you choose? Read on to learn about several of the most popular types of water softening systems, from salty to environmentally-friendly. [Read More]