Professional Cleaning After an Unattended Death

Unfortunately, death is the one experience in life that no one is able to avoid, and it can happen at any place and time. One of the most traumatic experiences for the loved ones of someone who is deceased is to not be present when he or she passes away. For instance, it isn't uncommon for someone who is elderly and lives alone to pass away from natural causes at home while no one is around. [Read More]

Toilet Backing Up? Potential Culprits

When your toilet suffers a clog, things can get bad. Unfortunately, things can go from bad to worse when your toilet begins to back up into your shower. There are numerous reasons why your drain may be clogged, but there are some more common culprits. When you are dealing with a backed-up toilet, it is imperative that you are familiar with the potential causes of what could be caused the blockage, as they can help you in determining the best course of action in terms of repair and preventive measures to take in the future. [Read More]

Need To Rent Portable Toilets For Your Construction Site?

At most construction sites, you are not going to have access to toilets, as you are making a new building and most nearby buildings are not going to want to provide your workers with access to their bathrooms. That is why you need to bring in portable toilets to your construction site. You need to make sure that your workers have access to bathrooms. There are a few factors you need to consider before placing your order. [Read More]

Planning For The Holidays? 3 Reasons You Need To Rent A Portable Dumpster

The holidays are approaching quickly. It's time to start decorating your house and getting ready for the guests. It's also time to plan for extra trash needs you're going to be faced with. If you haven't done it already, now's the time to rent portable dumpsters. You might not realize this, but a portable dumpster can really come in handy during the holidays, especially if you're going to be entertaining out-of-town guests, or hosting get-togethers. [Read More]